PFERD Principals - Acting Consciously

Quality “Made by PFERD“
Quality “Made by PFERD“ means the most advanced, cost-effective and personal solutions for the application requirements of our customers. Constant and safe work output can only be achieved if the tools also have a reliable quality. In order to ensure this, we develop, manufacture and check our products to meet the highest quality demands. Our Quality Management is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Environmental and Energy Policy
The responsible use of natural resources – particularly people, nature and the environment – is firmly inscribed in our principles. We regard the sustainable use of natural resources and economical use of energy as an obligation. We are committed to steadily reducing consumption of materials and energy and to sustainably improving our company‘s environmental performance and energy efficiency through the best possible use of resources and through the use of modern production technologies.

Social Responsibility
The relationship with our employees is characterized by reliability, fairness and a commitment to social responsibility. We encourage and support technical competence, commitment and teamwork through targeted training and performance-based remuneration.
Relationships with our customers and suppliers are characterized by reliability and fairness. We place value on the development of long-term customer relationships which lead to partnerships. We value and develop the quality of our locations, where we make targeted investments in our social and geographical environment.

Industrial Safety
In the manufacture of premium tools for surface finishing and cutting, we pay great attention to the basic health and safety requirements of workers and the ecology. As a premium manufacturer, it is our goal to sustainably improve the ecological aspects of tools and production processes. In addition, we continuously strive to optimize the safety and ergonomic features of our products.

We see it as our task to fully inform users of new findings and opportunities relating to the protection of their health and safety.
In our brochures “Health and Safety at the Workplace – Noise and Vibration Limits“ and “PFERDERGONOMICS – The Focus is on People“, we offer detailed information on occupational safety and ergonomics in the workplace.

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