PRAXIS - Inox Stainless Steel Applications

What do we mean by stainless steel (INOX)?

Stainless steel, INOX steel, INOX, V2A, V4A or chromium steel are basically unspecific terms for a group of corrosion and acid (“stain”) resistant steel grades known for their non-corrosive properties, high durability and low maintenance needs. PFERD has adopted this terminology and employs the terms stainless steel (INOX) – or corrosion and acid resistant steel, respectively – both in this PRAXIS issue and in the PFERD Tool Manual.

When the first patent was granted on a corrosion-resistant steel at the beginning of the last century, it marked the outset of a novel material's triumphant success story that has continued unbroken to this day. With iron and regular steel subject to gradual destruction by corrosion, thus causing economic loss to companies, the development of corrosion-resistant grades has been pursued vigorously over the last 100 years. Today, stainless steel (INOX) comprises more than 120 grades and plays a key role in many areas of life.


Its corrosion resistance, toughness, high mechanical resistance, longevity, excellent machining properties, cost efficiency and outstanding aesthetic appeal have made stainless steel a material of first choice. Whether it is ground, brushed, polished to a high gloss, matt-finished, embossed, perforated, pattern rolled or shaped into sections (optionally in colour) – stainless steel (INOX) has established itself as the steel for the exacting and discerning user, as it were.

Applications for stainless steel
Given their quality and outstanding material properties, stainless steels have found
their way into a wide range of applications, e.g. in
- chemical and petrochemical industry applications,
- tank and equipment construction for the foodstuff processing and luxury foods sectors,
- machine and plant construction (e.g. for the pulp and paper industry),
- architecture (e.g. building fronts, handrails),
- power plant engineering,
- pump and turbine construction,
- ship building (pipes, containers) and marine technology,
- steel and machine construction,
- equipment construction (e.g. heat exchangers).

Our goal: To optimize work results and provide unsurpassed cost efficiency in stainless steel (INOX) processing and finishing applications

PFERD can provide you with effective individualized support regarding all aspects of stainless steel (INOX) machining and finishing. Our experienced field staff and engineers of the technical service team will be happy to assist you. Please contact us on 1300 073 373 or via email on


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