Cutting & Grinding Wheels - PFERD New look labels

Have you seen the new look labels for PFERD cutting & grinding wheels?

The PFERD website and sections 6 and 7 from our PFERD Tool catalogue are being updated on an ongoing basis with the new look labels. This new design includes all our cutting, grinding and chop saw large diameter wheels.

PFERD has optimised the design of the labels on its cutting and grinding wheels. We are excited this rolling label change will make it easier for customers to select the right PFERD product. Basically, you get the same great product with a new look label that provides all the essential information at a glance.

The range structure, product design and labelling have all been adapted to the changing requirements of the global market. For our metal cut-off wheels, for example, this means an unmistakable, modern, clear-cut and professional design. PFERD was particularly keen to make the new product labels easier to understand. Workers choose our products because of the performance and handling and this change makes the product more self-explanatory.

The below image displays this new look.

Below are some more examples of the new look labels that are already appearing in industrial & retail stores throughout Australia.

As we update each item to the new look label we will also update the PFERD website with these changes. To find out more call PFERD Australia on 1300 073 373 or email us at

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