PFERD Coated Materials Converted In Australia

Welcome to PFERD Australia and the coated range of abrasives.

PFERD Australia manufacture belts, discs, sheets and rolls which are made to order in our 'Coated Production Facility' located in Dingley, Victoria. A comprehensive range of coated material is available in both paper, cloth and polyester backing designed to suit all types of applications. Available materials include aluminium oxide, zirconia, silicon carbide and ceramic in a variety of grit sizes.

If a product is not shown online or in our PFERD product guide, please contact customer service on 1300 073 373

The Rueggeberg Group, that own PFERD, are one of the owners of VSM Abrasives in Hannover, Germany, a reputable and experienced sandpaper producer.

PFERD Australia’s coated production facility has been operating for almost 20 years, offering a wide range of coated abrasives that includes a variety of standard stocked lines to custom made-to-order products to best suit your application. PFERD Australia offers a 2 days turnaround for most custom made coated abrasive products.

Chris Edwards, pictured above, is the PFERD Coated Production Manager. His team have a combined experience of over 80 years in coated manufacturing at PFERD Australia’s head office Dingley Victoria. The staff are experienced in using complex machinery and technology to create a quality finished coated products.

Coated abrasives are available in cloth, paper and polyester backing in different abrasive types such as silicon carbide, zirconia, aluminium oxide and ceramics. The coated range includes belts from 10mm width to 1.4m width at any length, discs from 50mm to 1100mm diameter and a range of rolls. With this we also offer relevant accessories including backing pads, belt restorers, slip cloth, sanding sponges and more.

Floor sanding is a growing business for PFERD. This is probably due to the increase in house renovations and popular TV shows. Floor sanding is available in screen back which is clog-free or zirconia grain that works very well on hardwood timbers.

Other products include file belts in ceramic grain T weight for going around small profiles, a full range of Velcro products, including Velcro starters easy applications on machines, flexible material for economy rolls or polishing, compact grain for stainless steel in soft and hard backed materials.


Portable belts, stroke sanding belts, wide belts, polyvacs, edger discs, floor sanding belts, drum grinding, edge grinding, profile radius grinding


Portable belts, file sander belts, stroke sanding, coil grinding, backstand grinding, dome grinding, flat bar grinding, pipe & tube grinding, roll grinding, sheet grinding, turbine grinding, centreless polishing, flat bar polishing, metal polishing, robotics, multi-tool belts, discs grinding & finishing, pattern making


Aluminium oxide, zirconia, ceramic and silicon carbide 


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If you need a special coated product to suit metal, wood or any other material contact PFERD Australia - The experts in abrasives. Phone 1300 073 373 or visit the website