PFERDVALUE - Improving Abrasive Performance & Workplace Productivity

Date Posted:1 February 2017 

PFERDVALUE - Adding real value when using abrasives

No matter the industry segment using abrasive products, Australian workers are seeking real solutions. Ones that increase productivity and reduce costs. Abrasive products that offer a healthy and safe environment as well as perform. Working together with PFERD we can help you with the latest abrasive products and solutions.



Correctly matching PFERD abrasives through the use of powerful premium tools and tool drives has an impact on the cost-effectiveness of your operations. In the long term, to be cost-effective is to be sustainable. Results from the PFERD test laboratories as well as from the product tested by independent testing institutes prove: PFERD tools offer measurable added value. Experience the added value with PFERD call 1300 073 373 or email Discover PFERDERGONOMICS® and PFERDEFFICIENCY®, and what this could mean for your business.


PFERDERGONOMICS® Ergonomics are an important aspect of occupational health and safety. The aim is to organize working conditions in such a way as to increase the users' comfort and not to impair their health - even under tough working conditions and if they have to carry out a certain job for a long time. As a manufacturer of hand-held tools, we feel obliged to users to contribute to safety, worker comfort and health. That is why people are the focus of all the processes that a hand-held tool passes through during its creation – from research and development right through to mass production. On the basis of the four pictograms, the advantages are offered by our innovative tool solutions in comparison to conventionally used products. As part of PFERDERGONOMICS®, PFERD offers ergonomically optimised tools and tool drives that contribute to greater safety and working comfort, and thus to health protection.


Users of hand-held tools are exposed to a significant degree of mechanical oscillation. The effects of these oscillations may include decreased performance and adverse health effects. PFERD abrasives and tool drives with the "Vibration Filter" pictogram cause substantially fewer vibrations than comparable products.


Noise in the workplace is an issue. Depending on the job and personal perceptions, noise at work may be bothersome, disruptive and may even pose long-term health issues. The "Noise Filter" pictogram identifies PFERD tools and tool drives that have been optimised in terms of their noise emissions, and which pose a reduced risk of damage to users' hearing.


The air quality in work areas is adversely affected by dust. Not only does the pollutant content constitute a health hazard, but the size of the particles may also create issues. The smaller the particles the greater the health hazard. PFERD tools which create less dust than other products when used are marked with the "Emission Filter" pictogram. PFERD's oil-free air grinders cause lower emissions and also carry the "Emission Filter" pictogram.


When using tools, it is important that the work is carried out with the lowest levels of force and effort, with a high amount of control, and with as much comfort as possible. PFERD tools and tool drives with the "Haptic Filter" allow for labour-saving, comfortable work with minimal effort.


PFERDEFFICIENCY® Efficiency ensues from cost savings on the one hand and productivity increases on the other. Against this background, users are challenged with completing their tasks in a fast and effective manner and with the best results. The efficiency of the tools used arises not only from the short-term work results achieved but also from how the use of these tools affects people, machines and the ongoing operations in the long term. As a manufacturer of high-quality tools, PFERD consistently concentrates on economic optimisation during the development of all its products. In addition, the detection of further saving potentials is a self-professed goal for PFERD and forms the basis for the development of sustainable efficient products. As part of PFERDEFFICIENCY®, PFERD offers innovative, high-performance tool solutions and tool drives with outstanding added value. They achieve perfect results in the shortest possible time, save energy and/or generate less costly waste. In addition, they sustain the performance of the user and thus contribute to higher productivity. Through the four pictograms, you can recognise straight away the outstanding cost-effective added value offered by our innovative tool solutions in comparison to conventional products.


Energy consumption (electricity/compressed air) of tools and drives during day-to-day use represents a significant cost. PFERD tools and tool drives that require less energy, for example through a significantly higher performance, are marked with the "Energy Saving" pictogram. Similarly, tools, which due to reduced dimensions can be used on smaller drives with the same or better performance, are also marked with this symbol.


Product waste is ever present in various guises in the plant. Whether it's a single type, recyclable or even residual or hazardous waste – the waste generated leads to more cost and effort. PFERD tools that produce less waste, for example by achieving the same or better stock removal or cutting performance with less mass of product or by an above average tool life, are marked with the "WasteSaving" pictogram.


Time is money. Even small changes in work processes can save a lot of time and thus money. The "TimeSaving" pictogram denotes PFERD tools and tool drives that achieve the desired results substantially quicker, for example through higher aggressiveness or performance. The pictogram also indicates products that save on unproductive idle periods, such as tool change or set-up times. Innovative tool solutions that make the job easier and thus enable users to work for a long time with minimal effort are also marked with the "TimeSaving" pictogram.


Through the optimal and efficient use of existing resources, high savings can be achieved. It is important to consider not only the manufacturing process of a product but also the entire lifecycle – from the initial product idea to the end of use. In relation to driven tools, studies have shown that by far the largest portion of resources is consumed during the use of the tools in companies. The people forming the workforce are also a key resource. The performance of the users is crucial to productivity in the ongoing process and must, therefore, be maintained as much as possible.


PFERD tool solution benefits that are identified by the "Energy Saving", "Time Saving", "Waste Saving" and one or more PFERDERGONOMICS® pictograms also carry the "Resource Saving" pictogram. They are particularly cost-effective in operation and at the same time preserve users' health and performance. 


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